Yolie, community advocate, founder of Valle Vida and keeper of the #NatureParkway since 2011.

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We are dedicated to community beautification projects that will improve everybody's lifestyle.   

Our Goal : Nuestra Meta

Our Goal : Nuestra Meta

There are sidewalks and spaces in the North East San Fernando Valley that can be vitalized to connect people to nature. The Pacoima Spreading Grounds (PSG) can become a place for recreation when its original purpose is not active. This reservoir stores and recharges water for Los Angeles residents to use. Water that is released from the Pacoima Dam flows through the Pacoima Wash to the PSG instead of the ocean via the LA River.

Many recreation opportunities can exist once the chain link fence is removed. Since the 1970s the space belonged to know one except those who create blight by dumping bulky items and drive fast through Devonshire St.  Opportunities to set up a picnic, exercise, enjoy shade, look at the water and birds who migrate to it are missed.  

We want to see people along with other living things permeate the space. When more people are staying active outdoors and surrounded by growing California native plants will enhance the well-being of all living things.   A multi-modal path, called the Nature Parkway, exists on ONE side of the PSG, along Devonshire St. Working towards our main goal started in 2009, one plant at a time. For every new plant that beautifies the area we hope to welcome more people, birds, butterflies, lizards and  bees to the Nature Parkway.

What's Up?                                  :                                        Que Onda

What's Up? : Que Onda